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"An event-filled look at the dazzling personality and daily existence of a semi-tame deer, this amazing account of her fight to survive natural threats as well as the suffering inflicted by harassing humans resonates to the heart’s core. This doe teaches the meaning of love  ... 

“This unusual tribute to a wild deer surpasses expectations. Unique for its gripping plot and smoldering spotlight on the brutality of hunting these living, breathing fauna, the book compares to no other.

"There is timely, thought-provoking dialogue surrounding the brutal hunting-for-trophy controversy and the author’s push for humane wildlife contraception."

The BookLife Prize 2019 - Publisher’s Weekly 


“In riveting detail … with the tension of a thriller …. A thought-provoking, poignant, and unusual love story that lingers.”

- Kirkus Reviews

“This lovely story, told with heart and candor, demonstrates how we share our lives with all beings on this planet. It demonstrates how an act of kindness and love can help not only the creatures we encounter but also the lives of a community. Read this book and experience the joy and surprise of the life of Blossom, a most amazing deer.”

-Georgia Hughes, Editor, former bookseller

“A beautiful memoir of healing and hope wrapped up in the story of how one helpless fawn found both.”

-Chanticleer Reviews “Best Book” — 5 Stars!

 “Absolutely terrific! Carner’s prose will delight the most fastidious critics, for she strews her story with endless fresh and thought-provoking images. Any lover of animals will warm to this entrancing story. It will kindle all kinds of emotions, for it is the age-old story of humanity’s multi-fold ways of relating to the magnificent creatures that surround us.”

-Dr. John Killinger, Author, Lecturer

BlueInk Review: January 2020

"This riveting true story describes the astonishing bond created between a beautiful, wild creature and the woman who saved her.

The narrative is simply and eloquently written. Descriptions of Blossom—'...her ears rotated toward the quiet sounds around her, reminiscent of large satellite dishes searching for answers in the universe'—are elegant and immediate. Carner’s fear is palpable when Blossom’s life is threatened: 'I considered running out, flailing and screaming like a wounded bird...'

Blossom’s extraordinary story defies traditionally held beliefs regarding the divide between man and nature and is likely to cause readers to reassess their assumptions about 'wild' animals. It is sure to appeal to anyone who savors the beauty of our natural world."